New in Rep Edge v4.1

Released February 19, 2014.

New in v4.1:
  • New Edit Cost Worksheet¬†controls. Copy/paste/duplicate functionality is now supported on the Cost Worksheet screen to help expedite data entry.
  • Option to show/hide bids. To help de-clutter your workspace; bids may now be optionally hidden from view on your Bid Board.
  • Redesigned Project Summary report. So that you can get the most business-critical information at-a-glance; the Project Summary report has been redesigned.
  • View all warehouses. To accommodate regional and inter-branch sales, you may now view the inventory options in other warehouses on your Inventory Board.

  • View vendor default currency.¬†Vendor default currency (CAD or USD) now displays in a number of areas for quick reference.

  • Create more projects per bid. Up to 10 projects can now be created from a single bid to accommodate a better division of labor, such as across multiple divisions.
Details are in the latest version of the Release Notes.
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