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New in Rep Edge v4.4

Released August 14, 2014.
New in v4.4:

Rep Edge version 4.4 contains many smaller enhancements including:

  • Add ‘Invoice Search’ to Home board and add option to reprint invoice from the search screen
  • Ability for the user to select a tax schedule when doing a Warehouse Credit and Contract or Commission credit release
  • Reallocate inventory on the Warehouse order screen without having to navigate to the Inventory Module
  • Generate the credit form automatically after creating a credit release
  • Add estimated delivery date to the create new project screen
  • Add the ability to search for a contact on the Collaborator board
  • Add visual indication that a warehouse order has back-ordered items
  • Add backordered Inventory items to the pick ticket
  • Include GP% for each pricing level in the inventory pricing screen
  • Change ‘Description’

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